We were taught never to "brag" so we let our friends and clients do it for us!

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ellieandbatmanWe came to Janet for therapeutic riding lessons in the Spring of 2015. Our granddaughter had very severe behavioral issues, that were later diagnosed as ADHD, reactive attachment disorder, sensory processing disorder,  etc. We noticed an immediate improvement in Danielle's behaviour and sensory integration.  Janet has provided a wealth of information for us. The depth of the gratitude we have for Janet is immeasurable.  I recently had a parent teacher meeting and heard nothing but rave reviews about how far our granddaughter has progressed in every area, a fact we attribute in large part to Janet's brilliant, caring, skillful, finesse and talent. Many thanks Janet. ~Megan Smithers L.M.T


simoneandlouI have boarded my horse Louie at Emerald Glen for 7 years. I have taken jumping lessons with Karry, gone on trail rides with friends, and have participated in numerous shows spanning across many disciplines such as western games, dressage, and hunter jumping. Karry always caters to the individual horse and rider and finds training methods that work best for them. Karry is very professional, caring, and passionate and Louie has thrived in the Emerald Glen setting. This past year, Louie became a part of Janet's therapeutic lesson program and he has been a wonderful teacher for a handful of youngsters. Emerald Glen is spacious, welcoming, and contains a close-knit community.


I have known Karry for longer than either of us would care to admit. She is one of the kindest, most conscientious, professional and educated horsewomen I know. I board my horse at her farm and have done for the last year. I trust her to care for Asia as much as I would trust myself!!


The farm is owned by Karry and Craig Brothers. Karry loves horses and Craig loves Karry and together they make a great team taking good care of the horses.
I have boarded there for a couple of years and have been very happy with the care. They are helpful when I need help but not pushy. Boarding fees are very reasonable. Lessons, shows and the Rail Trail add a lot of fun.


cosetteandboywonderI asked Cosette what she likes about working with Janet and she said "She lets us be independent. Janet explains what we need to do, asks if we need help, but lets us learn on our own and she never yells.  I just love her and I like that she teaches me how to do stuff and makes me do stuff, even when I'm nervous." ~Sasha, Cosette's Mom


I have known Karry for over 5 years, taking weekly lessons, as well as riding in and working at Karry's varied shows.  Her calm, practical, and sensible manner and vast horse knowledge both shine through, whether she is teaching lessons, organizing a horse show, or riding one of her own horses. 

Karry's lessons are fun and safe, at a level and pace appropriate for both horse and rider.  Her advice is sought by all of us who ride with her and in plain English, she is simply the best!


melissaandcopperKarry Brothers and Emerald Glen Equestrian Center ~~ WOW!!

Karry has made my riding life come alive again! Karry has been working with me for quite a few years (my family and I have known her and her farm since it has opened). Each year Karry has brought me more into the Dressage Realm of Berkshire County, and this past year I have gone everywhere (New York, Vermont, Tennessee, and Missouri). This was not just me riding in these states, this was encouraging me to help judges (Karry too!) by scribing at shows.

The experiences Karry has given me are a two-fold. First, by scribing; it has helped me to see what other riders and horse are doing correct and incorrect. It also helps me to see how every judge is different and it has given me a better knowledge of how to meet a judge and scribe for them the way that they need it to be done.

The second and the most exhilarating part of my two experiences with Karry is my horse. His name is Copper, a Morgan and he is a handful. He loves everyone, but he has his anxious periods and he never wants to stop moving when he is being ridden. Karry has helped me to reach some major goals riding (Bucket Lists as I call them).

Before I can tell you about the goals, you need to know that when I ride I cannot feel most of my left leg. To ride a horse with the gumption, attitude, and beauty that Copper has and to have a problem like this, it can make it frightening to ride. When I started out with Karry, I was not able to ride for a full lesson most days, and Karry has helped me to push myself to where I could make it through a lesson and even longer.

The goals she has helped me to reach are amazing. She has helped me to canter again! I cantered on Copper for the first time during 2015. I cannot believe that I was able to do it. During my first time cantering on Copper, Karry even felt as emotional about it as I did. That was my first main goal, and I did it with Karry’s help and experience. I was even able to perform with Copper in my last show at a canter.

Another big goal that Karry has also has taught me to do is to relax (I do this most of the time), and she has taught me that I need to relax so that I can get my horse to slow down. Phew, that is an amazing thing to get Copper to do! And it is such an adrenaline-charged experience to feel him moving in a Dressage ring at a slow speed and in control.

Karry is a trainer, teacher, and friend. She is someone that knows what you can do and help you get to where you want to get to in the horse world. The training I have received from Karry has helped me to achieve one other goal – trail riding! I never thought that I could ever do that again. Karry has helped me to know my horse and to accomplish whatever is in front of me that I want him to do.

I am looking forward to another season with Karry and her help with my riding Copper. This year my goal is to complete the USDF Introductory Level Dressage Tests A, B, and C well enough to move on to the next level and compete at that level in 2017.